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Mood Cuts from London Sex Vampires
Frank Price was born again aged twenty two, on Wednesday March 2, 1977, while Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers were playing at The Roxy on Neal Street, Covent Garden.

Bad speed was everywhere, and a couple of optimistic young black guys were selling ready-made joints. Girls put on make-up and cut themselves on show in the toilets. Already the Roxy was past its peak, and it’d only been open a few months.

Chapter 1. LAMF
He’d fed on Lucy for a couple of months, towards the end twice or more a day, but she hadn’t turned. Even with a new, needy junkie vampire and prime, healthy livestock sharing almost every body fluid, it seemed to be down to wild chance. He was turned from being fed on only once.
Chapter 2. 1977
John Pizer liked to beat women when he was gin-high, and he ran his patch and his girls hard - he was the big dog pimp in Whitechapel and Stepney. After the murder of Annie Chapman, who he knew as Dark Annie, Pizer was named by The Star newspaper as being a suspect for the Whitechapel murders.

He wasn’t the Whitechapel Murderer and had no idea who was. He had his doubts there ever was a lone Whitechapel Jack. He never wore a leather apron, but did carry a curved trim leather knife, with an inch-long sharp stub of blade for slashing, but there was more to Pizer than just whores and pimping, he was a pornographer, an artist.

Chapter 3. Leather Apron
An off duty cop from Bow Road stood at the bar and was saying an empty house had been destroyed further up Three Colt Street, the residents safe in Stepney Green tube station when it was hit. But as the sun came up an hour later, the bodies of two young girls were found. They’d been hastily buried in the rubble, and clearly hadn’t died in the bombing. It was assumed the killer had been disturbed while hiding his work.
    The copper said he’d heard of others, and there was talk of another Whitechapel Jack, a killer of women working under the cover of the Luftwaffe.
Chapter 6. The Cockney Dracula
Karen turned Alice, and they were eating her ex, David.
Chapter 8. Laura
Tenter House was a brutalist tower block in Canning Town that punched a beige concrete fist twenty-odd floors into the sky. It was one of three tower blocks on the Fisher estate, and all were due for demolition the following year.

No one spoke to five-o on the Fisher.

Chapter 10. The Fisher
Jack met Bobby Beausoleil in September, at Kenneth Anger’s Invocation of My Demon Brother, at the Straight Theater on Haight Street. The one-off show featured occultist performance art and painted nude dancers, blurred film of tarot cards and footage from Anger’s Lucifer Rising, an incomplete movie with Beausoleil as Lucifer. The whole thing was more Situationist than occultist.
Chapter 11. The Whitechapel Hippy
It was a couple of days in, while they were shooting one of the open air adult scenes in the brush, that Jack first saw Charlie in the wild. He was watching from fifty or so yards away from the crest of a hill, the sun behind him, and well out of shot. He stood with his weight on one straight leg in a rebel profile, while two of his girls jumped and played near him, showing no interest whatsoever in the filming.
Chapter 12. Sisters of the Spahn
He was told the AMIP at West End Central was investigating the murders, and the SIO running the show was Detective superintendent John Wilson. Det Supt Wilson was known in the Met as Four Day Johnny or just Four Day, for his velocity in arresting and charging a suspect. A few of the younger detectives used it pejoratively, as a growing number of his convictions had been turned over on appeal.
Chapter 13. Glam Jack
Jack was brown and muscular, his shaved head showing a day or so of coal-black growth. His face was dark from the sun and whiter at the creases around his eyes, and his mouth was partially covered by a thick black moustache. He wore a baggy white short sleeve shirt and faded heavy khaki green shorts. His upper body was large and slightly out of proportion. He smelled of lemons and sandalwood and looked like a boxer.
Chapter 14. The Guru of Tangier
While Jack was making Sisters of the Occult he had rushes printed as he filmed on the Spahn Ranch, and thanks to Charlie’s notoriety, short cuts of the footage had circulated at Hollywood parties on pirate VHS. Lou Greene said he had the idea for Laura having seen the tape at the home of a producer at United Artists in 1970.
Chapter 17. Lay-Lay Land
Jilly was a lesbian passing as a man doing a drag queen turn. She opened with a music hall classic in Following in Father’s Footsteps, a song made famous by Vesta Tilley, a drag king, and giving it her own gay tweak.

I’m following in father’s footsteps, I’m following the dear old dad.
He’s just in front with a fine big gal, so I thought I’d have one as well.

Chapter 19. The Luminaire
They were inside the flat, in almost complete darkness. They switched on their torches aimed towards the floor, as Karen had taught Alice. They silently turned the grey two seater sofa around, and moved anything else they could find, a fruit bowl, a glass vase of wilting red and yellow tulips, with petals falling away as soon as it was touched.
Chapter 21. Creepy Crawling
Frank Anger rented a large apartment on the thirty-first floor of the Shakespeare Tower on the Barbican estate, with near floor to ceiling windows and a rounded, rough beige/orange concrete balcony wrapping around two of the bedrooms and most of the living space.

Like a rich potentate, he floated over Spitalfields, the City of London, Southwark Bridge and the Thames.

Chapter 23. Frank Anger goes to Solville
Frank had gone on a berserk. Biggah knew the score and came with the bleach and baby wipes.
Chapter 24. Concrete
Frank was waiting outside the ranch on the drive. He hadn’t even showered, and was standing in white swimming trunks, covered in blood, drying and caked in his hair. Biggah could see he was still high, and they looked at each other. Frank’s eyes were stoned and wide, and he was licking at his arms. They were clean up to the elbows.
Chapter 25. Frank the God
Then, in the spring of 2019, Chloe became hunty.
Chapter 27. The Tangier Strangler
A few of the bedrooms were hardly damaged at all, and they raided clothes from the large Victorian wardrobes. There was lipstick, perfume and cosmetics from Chanel and Yves-Rocher, along with jewellery and shoes. The hippyish/punk girls gleefully stole at will. They were remarkably similar in many ways to Charlie Manson’s Family, but it was 2020, and they didn’t need a man like Charlie. Instead they had Holly Solanas.
Chapter 28. The Black Heart of the Sun
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