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A Novel By
Steve Pear

London Sex Vampires

A novel of real, contemporary vampires.

A predator subspecies, largely amoral, have lived alongside us for thousands of years. They look no different from us. They can walk during the day and live long lives. They intermarry. We can become them, but mostly we're their high.

From punk London to California via Victorian East End porn, London Sex Vampires is a wild postmodern and kinky Freudian ride.

Available for the Amazon Kindle or in paperback.

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Steve Pear

Steve Pear
Born in the East End of London, Steve Pear played guitar in Dresden Fun and was the instrumentalist/producer for Big Animals, two cult East London punk/post-punk groups, along with playing in other punk bands, including the 4-Skins. He subsequently went into programming and design. He lives in North London.
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