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Tipue Search

Tipue Search is an open source site search engine jQuery plugin


Tipue Search

Tipue Search is a site search engine jQuery plugin. It's free, open source, responsive and fast.
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Version 5.0

Tipue Search is on GitHub.

Only jQuery

Tipue Search only needs a browser that supports jQuery. It doesn't need MySQL or similar. In Static mode it doesn't even need a web server.

Like jQuery, Tipue Search is released under the MIT License. It's free for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Content is King

Tipue Search uses various modes for loading content. Static mode uses a JavaScript object, while Live mode grabs content from a list of pages dynamically. There's also JSON support.

We have demos of Static and Live modes.

Fully documented

There's an easy Getting Started section along with full and comprehensive documentation.

Browser Compatibility

Tipue Search has wide browser support. It works with Chrome 31+, Microsoft Edge, IE9+, Firefox 35+, Safari 7.1+, Opera 27+ and anything reasonably modern.

New in Version 5.0

New features include search weighting and debug mode, and there's improvements to search ranking, speed and more.

See the Tipue Search release notes for details.


We offer a range of flexible support plans, including free.
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